OB/GYN Services

Community Howard Regional Health provides complete clinical obstetrics and gynecology services to the women of North Central Indiana.

When you choose a Community OB/GYN Center physician, you not only receive excellent clinical care, you get our whole suite of women's services. We care about women's health at Howard Regional Health System and it shows.

Community Howard Regional Woman's Center 
The Woman's Center gives you convenient access to prompt radiology and biopsy services, bone density evaluations, and access to specialists and education programs, our Woman's Center supports women and their healthcare needs throughout the phases of life.

Birthing Center
Our beautiful Birthing Center addresses the maternity, labor and delivery, and neonatal needs of women and their babies. By choosing a Howard OB/GYN for your care, you have access to a safe, comfortable and positive childbirth experience in our beautifully appointed birthing rooms.   Should your baby require it, a neonatal intensive care unit is housed within the Center.  Childbirth classes are also offered through our Birthing Center.

Surgical Services 
An operating room designed specifically for Cesarean sections is located in our Birthing Center.  Our facilities and specialists can handle nearly any inpatient or outpatient gynecological or obstetric problem. 

Oncology Services 
If you are diagnosed with cancer, your primary physician and OB/GYN will work closely with Howard oncologists who specialize in various forms of cancer. At Howard Regional's Oncology Center, we provide traditional treatment programs, clinical trial opportunities, support groups and much more.

Support Groups and Education 
Community Howard Regional Health System offers a variety of groups, events and expert advice on a variety of healthcare issues, including childbirth, cancer and women's health.

For more information please contact us at 765-453-8448.